Atelier MHW

Marcel Holubec

The design work of Marcel Holubec W. encodes his constant search for perfection, excellence, and uniqueness. His silhouettes are a firm visual reference. Every collection indicates his sensitivity and ability to work with new creative interpretations and contour sophistiquées.

His searching passion is very focused, often hidden in original and technologically demanding details, shifting his models and entire work among fashion designers, producing with high added value.

His several-year experiment with laser skin has gradually matured and today has a solid and distinct potential to move him to a much more comprehensive range of consumers within prêt-à-porter collections.

Marcel brilliantly works with rare natural materials, especially leather and silk, as well as new technological materials.

The work of Marcel Holubec W. can be included in an ever-growing group of designers who strive to preserve European tradition and dominance in the segment of luxury fashion design, where creativity, craft, and modern technology meet.

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