HANA V. unique silk scarf


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This silk scarf is a manifestation of freedom. «Révolutionnaire» collection by Marcel Holubec W. was inspired by the true Czech-Slovak legend Hana Hegerová, manifesting designer's insight into the connections of related countries they both share sympathies for.

«Hana» the unique scarves collection designed in collaboration with Mikina Dimunova is a legacy of a woman's strength and revolt, born in the heart and materialised in gestures.

The visual form of the design laid out in detail on rich, irreplaceable character of silk, oscillates between a rigid geometry of tricolor, as with the related countries, to organic colour structures, in which geometry and the beauty of unity come together.

Having such signature style we encourage you to wear it as one wishes, artfully accenting and celebrating woman’s beauty, completing her and her all-embracing individual look.


  • 100% silk


  • white / blue / red


  • 90 x 90 cm (35,4 x 35,4 inches)


  • Signature print
  • Hand-rolled finish


  • dry clean only